Alwaysh – Rubber Protector Replacement Tips for Nordic Walking Stick Trekking Poles Climbing Pad Asphalt Hiking 8pcs

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Til butik

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SUSTAINABLE: There is a metal gasket inside, which is strong and durable to prevent puncture and make the bit more durable. The bottom is non-slip and absorbs shocks PRACTICAL: The hiking pole tip protective cover is detachable, lightweight and easy to carry DIMENSION: The inner diameter is 11mm, which is suitable for most trekking poles PROTECTION: toecap increases the friction between the trekking poles and the ground, reduces wear, effectively protects the tip of the pole, prevents the tip of the stick from hurting people and prolongs the life of the walking stick USES: walking stick tip is suitable for cement roads, flat stone roads, asphalt roads and paved roads

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