Bike Dog Leash Traction Dog Leash Heavy Duty Dog Leash Cycling Dog Walker Pet Products Black

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describe Color: Black EASY TO INSTALL & DETACH: This dog bicycle leash can be easily detached from the bicycle by tightening and unscrewing in seconds, which allows you to easily unscrew the leash, compatible with any type of bicycle. Hold your dog SAFE: The flexible leash lets your dog set the pace for the ride, so you always know you’re riding at the right pace. The delineators keep him at a safe distance from the bike and give him enough space to run. Don’t worry about your dog’s sudden movements: the cushioning system allows you to to maintain control while driving without impact from your dog. Non-slip: the connection base and the handlebar are equipped with rubber, which ensures a good grip and prevents friction and scratches of the bike. Replaceable strap: you can replace the belt with a new belt that fits you longer or better than the old belt.

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