DRIVE – YDRLNQ Cat Harness and Leash, Ultra-light Kitten Collar, Soft and Comfortable Trolley Cat Walking Jacket, Waterproof, Suitable for Puppies

173,00 kr.

Til butik

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Super Light: The entire seat belt weighs less than 60 grams, and the weight is the same as that of the car key. Your cat can walk freely after wearing it, love it! Bust after 360°: The pressure on the chest is even and safe, which can prevent tugging and choking, and protect the cat from brittle trachea and sore throat. Chest seam: better fits the cat’s neck and chest, and has a strong three-dimensional effect. This fall-proof cat scarf has soft edges and elastic padding to prevent injuries and escapes. High elasticity and dryness: the filling material is light, absorbs moisture, dries quickly, reduces odor, toughness, abrasion resistance and high elasticity. Size S: Chest: 23-28cm, Weight: 1-3kg; M: Chest: 28-33cm, Weight: 3-4.5kg; L: Chest: 33-38cm Weight: 4.5-7kg The elastic fabric is breathable and comfortable. The elastic design is for body relaxation and breathing the tightness of the body to avoid breaking loose. Foot edge design. It conforms to the feet, is not easy to fall

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