Electrician’s Scissors, Stainless Steel Serrated Electrician’s Scissors, Soft Grip Wire Cutters, Multipurpose Electrician’s Scissors, Set Of 2

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Til butik

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Professional scissors use a special all steel frame, which has excellent strength and durability. Can be used for cutting wires, iron wires, and wire strippers.Electrical scissors are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is more sturdy than ordinary stainless steel. Sharp and durable, not easily broken or deformed, easy to cut wires.A micro serrated blade designed for cutting and wire stripping. The cutting groove at the bottom of the blade allows you to easily cut wires with smaller diameters. The electrician’s scissors have a circular tip to increase safety.Soft ABS handle, ergonomically designed, made of impact resistant plastic, lightweight and sturdy. The special bending design perfectly fits the hand, achieving a more comfortable grip and easier cutting.

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