Fast Release™ Locking Pliers Set of 3 7R 9LN & 10WR VIST76KBT – Irwin Vise-grip

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IRWIN® Vise-Grip® 3 Piece Fast Release™ Locking Plier Set supplied in a handy carry pouch, contains the following: 1 x 7R Fast Release™ Straight Locking Pliers have heavy-duty jaws that allow for maximum contact for all work shapes both flat and square. Featuring a solid steel head that makes this tool twice as strong as all other locking pliers. Length: 178mm (7in), Capacity: 38mm. 1 x 9LN Fast Release™ Long Nose Locking Pliers are ideal for delicate work, hobbies, tight spaces, electronics and clamping of small parts. Have a built-in wire cutter. Length: 229mm (9in), Capacity: 70mm. 1 x 10WR Fast Release™ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers that provide a better fit around curved work shapes. Have a built-in wire cutter, for a variety of applications and material shapes. Length: 254mm (10in), Capacity: 48mm. IRWIN® Vise-Grip®A01B0016

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