Guazhuni Adjustable Handle Cane Foldable Lightweight Cane Handle Mobility Aid Walking Cane Alloy Non-Slip Extendable Cane with Handle Cane Balance

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High quality material: The walking stick is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which has high hardness, is not easy to bend and damage, can effectively prevent the ;oxidation and is more durable. Adjustable folding stick: The adjustable walking stick has 5 height adjustment holes, which can be adjusted according to your height to meet your different requirements. can be easily adjusted according to your height without worrying about the inappropriate height. Non-slip: The base of the cane is equipped with non-slip pads and built-in metal joints, which are resistant to tearing. wear.The rubber base can contact the ground to the greatest extent and can effectively anti-slip. Comfortable walking stick: The walking stick has a comfortable gel handle soft and convenient straps, which can help reduce muscle fatigue caused by hand cramps and is ideal for patients with arthritis. It can remain comfortable even after long-term use. The strap can be easily worn on the wrist to increase

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