Hand Saw Wood Carpentry Tool Sharp 9TPI Soft Grip 550mm/22′ Cutting Saw Varnish

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Upgrade your hand tool collection with TOUGH MASTER®. This 550mm Hand Saw uses only the finest materials, with a lacquered layer of coating to help reduce friction and prevent corrosion of the blade’s surface. The triple-ground hardpoint saw is fitted with a high-quality SK 5 steel blade and features a triple ground tooth design, offering up to a 50% faster and cleaner cutting performance compared to a traditional saw. The 9TPI saw tool is unmatched in its abilities, producing razor sharp cutting edges at every stage. The well-constructed saw blade is designed for cutting all types of wood, including timber planks and joists, soft wood, hard wood, plywood, chipboard, laminate and much more. You can even use this on plastic, PVC and other materials. You’ll find this type of saw blade one of the best hand saw types as its impulse hardened teeth will stay sharp up to five times longer than your average universal hand saw, and its non-slip, angle-marked handle will leave you in complete

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