Hand Tile Cutter tct Soft Grip Handle faitlcplier – Faithfull

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Til butik

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The Faithfull Hand Tile Cutter, heavy-duty large blade cutters/nippers, are fitted with tungsten carbide tipped jaws to provide a long working life. The pliers feature soft feel handles for extra grip, comfort and a spring return mechanism. This makes the pliers easy to use while conducting repetitive actions, such as cutting or nibbling tiles to shape around pipes, switches, sills and other fittings. Use on ceramic tiles only. How to use:- Firmly score tile to the shape required and then gradually nibble away at the tile, working inwards. Try tile for size and modify as required. When the shape is correct, smooth the cut edges using a Faithfull Tile File. FaithfullA05B1027

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