Harness for Parrot, Parrot, Harness and Leash for Parrot, Leash for Cockatoo, for Training and Walking (s)

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Til butik

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Size:S: Head length is 8cm, height from head to body is 8.5cm. The elastic band is 125 cm long and 2.5 mm in diameter. Nylon rope length is 52cm, width is 1.1cm, total rope length is 182cm; the weight is 59g; the parrot reference: 190-420 g. Excellent material: made with a strong elastic band and a rubber grip, an extremely soft and silky satin texture, a strong nylon webbing is resistant to chewing and is designed to fit a bird’s physique. Easy to wear: no heavy duty buckles or clips. You can adjust the slider to tighten. This adjustable harness is easy to wear and take off without irritating the skin or damaging the feathers. Adjustable Buckle: The sliding buckle section of our outdoor bird leash can automatically adjust from the chest in back. Suitable for most small to medium sized parrots without burden. Portable and Lightweight: The parrot harness has an elastic leash. Enough length parrot trainer harness could give your bird more flight distance and freedom, so your pet won’t

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