Kennedy – Pro 19 Piece Side Drive Ken-Grip 1/4 Square Drive Metric Socket Set in

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Til butik

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Kennedy-Pro: 19 Piece Side Dive Ken-Gip 1/4″ Squae Dive Metic Socket Set in Tool Contol 1/3 Foam Inlay fo Tool Cabinets Grips nuts and bolts which are up to 95% rounded off. Will not damage new, worn or rusted nuts and bolts. Fits a wide range Metric, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF and E-Torx sizes. Unique ‘Double-Knurl’ for high grip. Chrome Vanadium Side Drive Socket Sets. Fully chrome plated finish for easy clean. The benefits of having properly organised tool storage and control include: The red underlay gives instant recognition of a missing tool and the top layer of foam is durable for industrial use. Finger cut-outs make tool retrieval very easy. This is extremely efficient as it eliminates the struggle of digging out the tools multiple times. Rapid tool location for instant use. Protection of expensive kit. Prevention of tools sliding around during transit. Avoids loss or theft of tools. Easy to see if tools are not replaced. Safety and peace of mind as tools will not be left within

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