Luxurious Walking Pedometer Not Connected Step Counter Distance Calories Clock. No Bluetooth, No Apps, 1 Piece

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1.LARGE SCREEN AND BACKLIGHT – Large full screen display for clear and easy reading of your daily results. BATTERIES INCLUDED – Enjoy long battery life. The step counter screen automatically turns off when you are not moving, and automatically starts counting steps when you start moving again. 2. ACCURATE DAILY STEPS – Accurately track your daily steps, calories burned, distance and exercise time. The is EXTREMELY accurate and it uses advanced 3D triaxial sensing technology known to provide superior accuracy in reading steps in many positions. MULTIPLE WEARING OPTIONS- Clip it to your pocket or hip, wear it around your neck or put it in your pocket or bag This walking/running pedometer is designed to help you in a subtle yet positive way. It tracks your activity throughout the day and lets you set a fitness goal. You will be amazed at how much you walk each day; all you need is a little extra motivation to walk a little more, to lose those few extra calories. By being able to follow

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