Modou – Kids Jump Rope Adjustable Fitness Cable Built-in Counter Boys Girls Rope with Counter and Non-Slip Grip for Fitness Boxing Gym (Green with

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Til butik

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【jump rope】Foam handles with a pleasant feel and attractive colors. Strong, adjustable cotton cords. Ideal for indoors and outdoors. 【Perfect for kids】The counter is practical and keeps the kids entertained. Heavy enough to perform tricks fast enough for kids who want to jump fast, great for jump rope competitions! 【The length is adjustable】The length of this skipping rope can be adjusted. You can adjust it according to the user’s height and the operation is very simple. Very easy to adapt to children or adults. 【Very good for beginners】The integrated counter is very practical and is therefore used by all family members. The colors are nice and the “manual jump count” works well with push button reset. 【Best after-sales service】 Our professional team is constantly creating the highest quality products for your family.

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