Olive Shape Grip Strength Trainer Improved Silicone Grip Strengthener Set Stackable Handgrip and Finger Grip Strengthener Set for Bodybuilding Therapy

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Til butik

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Product Description Size: 10CM * 8CM Color: Black Material: Silicone Package Content: 1 * clamp 1. 【IMPROVE GRIP STRENGTH AND FINGER FLEXIBILITY】This grip trainer greatly improves the strength and flexibility of your fingers, hands, wrists and forearms, helps you relieve stiffness or prevent arthritis, relieves symptoms such as tendonitis. Effective physical therapy and strength training, and release your stress, reduce hand fatigue. 2. 【FIRST-CLASS QUALITY AND EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP】Made of high quality silicone, BPA free, comfortable feel, ergonomic design makes our grip strength trainer closer to your palm, with excellent elasticity, no noise, resistance to tear, can be squeezed, stretched. Suitable for office workers, athletes, climbers, musicians and physiotherapists. 3. 【EXCELLENT DESIGN AND PORTABILITY】The surface with textured grooves which provides excellent grip, not easy to slip when using, and is perfect for adults, seniors, teenagers and children. The compact design

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