Pack Silicone Hand Grip Rings – 70 80 lbs Grip – Grip for Stress Relief

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Til butik

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Comfortable and non-slip material: Made of high quality silicone, which has excellent elasticity, resistance to tearing and tearing and can be used for a long time. At the same time, the comfortable and non-slip design makes the use more comfortable and better. [2 resistances in 1]: Each handle reinforcement stick has two different resistances, one on the smooth surface and the other on the concave-convex upper part. One training ring can be used as two Improves grip and dexterity: handle reinforcement rings are not only a good aid for fixing injuries, but also great for everyday use to improve strength, strength and speed in the fingers and forearms. Suitable for rock climbers, clinical practitioners, tennis, musicians, etc. Help relieve stress, relieve throat fatigue, joint pain and stiffness Improve blood circulation, a best for people who type long and work with the mouse.

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