Soleil – Cat Harness and Leash Ultra-light Kitten Collar Soft and Comfortable Cat Walking Jacket Running, Leak-Proof Suitable for Puppy Rabbits

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Til butik

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Ultra-light: the entire harness is less than 60g, the same weight as a car key. Your cat is free to walk after wearing and absolutely loves it! 360° chest circumference back: chest pressure is even and safe to prevent pulling and choking and protect the cat from fragile trachea and throat without pain. Suture added to the chest: to better fit the cat’s neck and chest which has a strong three-dimensional feeling. This anti-fall cat sling has soft edges and elastic padding to prevent injuries and escape. High elasticity and drying: light filling material, moisture absorption , quick-drying, odor reduction, toughness, wear resistance and high elasticity. L: chest circumference: 33-38 cm and weight: 4.5-7 kg.

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