Wolf – 89mm Plunge Saw 705w with Sure Grip

578,00 kr.

Til butik

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// Heavy duty and Powerful. Featuring a soft start 705watt motor the Wolf 89mm precision saw has all the power you’ll need to cut, trim, plunge and more. // Control at your Fingertips – The weight is evenly distributed maximising control during operation and its well balanced sure-grip technology maximises accuracy even for first time user’s. // Adjustable depth stop with securing lock, for absolute precision when cutting floorboards or drywall. Smooth effortless plunging into sheet materials such and plywood, MDF and chipboard. // The Wolf Sure-Grip is equipped with a V notch at the front to assist during straight cuts, but also has side engravings in the base plate which allows you to see exactly where the front of the blade is cutting, so when plunging into sheets materials you know when to stop. // The assortment of 89mm blades supplied allows you to cut effortlessly through wood, aluminium, plastic, ceramics and other tiles. // The exact cut you need! Being fitted with the latest

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