Wooden Food Tongs Wooden Pie Tongs for Food Wooden bbq Scissors with Easy-Grip Handle Suitable for Kitchen, Camping, Grill, Buffet, Restaurant Etc

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ROBUST AND DURABLE: The scissors with the dimensions 2 7 x 7 x 1.6 cm are made of sturdy beech wood. The handle of the grill tongs fits comfortably in the hand. The kitchen tongs are slightly curved and have ribbed ends for better grip HEAT RESISTANT AND SAFE: The serving tongs are particularly suitable for grilling and cooking in hot pots and pans. Unlike silicone or plastic kitchen utensils, it does not melt, your fingers remain protected MAINTENANCE AND HYGIENIC: The wooden barbecue tongs. Rinse under running water to clean. If necessary, maintain with cooking oil for a long life of kitchen helper in the kitchen and household VERSATILE: The wooden grill tongs are suitable as frying tongs when preparing the bacon. As salad tongs for salad, for removing fresh sauerkraut from the pot, cucumber tongs, herring scissors, serving scissors for a hearty barbecue, for grilling, serving potatoes and sausages, turning grilled meats, sausages and fried foods NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC: High

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